Wednesday, October 31, 2007

6 month black & white photos

Bettye Davis took these wonderful photos documenting Wyatt's 6 month progress. I was touched to see them all, and very happy to get photos with all 6 of the grandparents. Now if we can get the great-grandparents in a photo...I'll be ecstatic! And seeing Wyatt sit up so attentive in his great-grandma Dedman's chair took my breath for a moment. I know she's proud to see him there! Bettye, we are forever grateful for your patience and the beautiful images you create for us.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Its All About Wyatt....

Last Thursday we finally spotted Wyatt's first tooth shining through his slippery gums. Some where along the way in the past week he also managed the gumption in his caboose and is officially crawling about AND officially dangerous. Bath time in the kitchen sink came to an end tonight as well. We were living on borrowed time as he became more active and uncontrollable. He had his first bath tonight in a plastic baby tub in our bath tub...much safer for him, but also much more difficult on our old knees!

We took these photos on Saturday. I realized when I looked at the photos, Wyatt is really starting to look like a little boy. I don't see the little baby we had before. I love the little boy he is turning into...his smile is infectious, and his laughter will make you cry. I am savoring our special weekend time together. I miss him during the week when I only see him in the morning and at night just before his bedtime routine. I am sharing some sweet alone time with him on Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Read: David sleeping in) He wakes up at 6ish, I get up and feed him rice cereal/oatmeal and fruit. I don't get much time to nurse him during the week, so I've been doing that more on the weekend as well. After breakfast, we've been going to the living room for playtime. I spread out a blanket, put down his toys, and turn on a satellite radio station. I want this boy to love music...and I want him to hear it as often as possible. This weekend we listened to the 70's and the 80's stations. Last week he got the 40's and 50's. In the past, I've been laying on the couch catnapping while he plays on his blanket. Now I must nap with one eye open...because the boy can move fast now. He is also pulling himself up into all kinds of trouble. The sweetest part is around 8am, when he starts to get sleepy again. I pull him up on the couch with me, nestle him into the crook of my arm and watch him fall asleep. I stare at him for a while, nap a bit myself, then take him up to his crib for a solid for each of us!

David and Wyatt had a great time playing in his room and in the back yard on Saturday. I'd like to take a moment to thank our dear friends...many of whom have not received proper thank you's for wonderful gifts we are very much enjoying. Kitt and the Big Bad Wolf shirt and Guess jeans...makes him look tough, doesn't it? And those adorable pirate shoes from Tim and Valerie are not only good looking...but I believe they increase his crawling rate exponentially! Grandpa Bob...the cowboy hat...what would he do without that cool hat?? And Becky and Dave...we love the blue mat for laying out on the grass. He seems to like crawling just to the edge of the mat and playing with the grass. Little boy adventure, without the itch!

Huge love to you all for your kindness! Enjoy the pics, and listen might hear his squeal!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wowser week, the sequel....

Almost two weeks since my last short post...and it is FINALLY starting to seem like October. Looks like Wyatt is going to get to wear his cute track suit from my dear friend Monica after all! Pretty spiff, he is!

We were happy to see his great great aunt Louise recently. Cici picked her up last week on the way to Fort Worth with Wyatt. They stopped in to check on Great Mema...who I think is settling in well back at home from the hospital. She's got some home health nurses and physical therapist Tiffany...who's family has been friends of ours for several generations now. I'm hoping that she can keep Mema in line when she gets tired of all that moving around business.

Cici and Grandpa Bob took Wyatt to church last weekend. He wore his Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes...and papa styled his hair real nice. I'm sure he charmed all the church ladies. The treat for us was a quick run to Six Flags. I gave tickets to David for Father's day, and we finally had a good opportunity to go. Funny thing, we rode 4 rides and left. Batman, Superman, and Titan twice. That was just enough to make our heads swim, and long enough to realize the park was quickly getting too crowded for our taste. We left for a nice lunch at the Flying Fish, and returned home in plenty of time for David to watch the game that shall not be mentioned.

This weekend was a real super treat as yeah, I'm getting a little spoiled to having some extracurricular fun again. My wonderful friend Traci T. flew to Austin and drove up with her extraordinary guy Ron. It was my first opportunity to meet this man who has enticed Traci to overcome her fear of flying. She lives in San Francisco...and crazy thing is he lives in Pflugerville, north of Austin. (Same town as the Martin's we've previously mentioned.) The occasion? Our 20th year high school reunion. We gathered forces with Serena, who drove us in her husband Rich's tricked out Subaru. (I never knew cars used nitrous.) The three of us girls and Traci's great fella Ron actually survived TWO evenings of reconnecting with people that we haven't seen in decades. It was a little surreal seeing people from so long ago, and really feeling a bond with so many of them. I've reconnected some friendships that I am looking forward to keeping up with in the future.David was super-pop this weekend, being so kind about staying home and taking care of Wyatt both evenings AND on Sunday for my grand finale sushi with Traci and Ron before they left town. David and Wyatt did go with us to have lunch in Aledo at Traci's brother Terry and sister-in-law Dee's new home. They have a great place on over 6 acres. Dee prepared an incredible tex mex lunch...tacos and homemade salsa, guacamole, beans and rice. I keep telling Terry he married well...mostly because he did!

I got the big news of the day on my way home from sushi. David went to wake up Wyatt after a long nap, and found him standing up in his crib just quietly checking out the place. He is also finally moving forward in his crawling efforts....small movements at a time. And he is sitting up and playing with his toys much better now too. I can't imagine what I'll have to report in the next two weeks. So amazing. Have I mentioned how much sleep we are enjoying now???

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cute as a bug...

Yea for October!!
Mama's favorite month!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Is this what happens when people say "it all goes so fast?" IF I can remember back to crazy last weekend, Wyatt attended a girlfriend brunch...and as usual charmed them all. Anita's birthday was a delightful morning on the deck with lots of delicious food that Anita prepared for us. We REALLY need to be doing that for her! She is too good to us.

Sunday was another exciting day for boys....Wyatt got to watch the Cowboy game with David while I prepared to shoot a wedding that afternoon. And yes, I have decided that babysitting and Cowboys don't really work. I was oh so very glad when Cici and Grandpa Bob showed up with Bettye and Joe. Intervention! I believe you may hear a different version from David later. :)

Tuesday was Wyatt's 6 month birthday, and Bettye took so many wonderful photos of him. I think he got at least 4 sessions with her while she was in town. The black and white photos she is taking are precious to us....I can't wait to see the rest! They are going in an album that David started for me as my first Mother's day gift.

Wyatt accomplished a pretty impressive milestone on his 6 month birthday. I came by the house on Tuesday for lunch, and heard Lucille call me into the living room where he was playing on a blanket. There he was, sitting up all by himself and beaming with satisfaction! I ran to grab the camera, and when I returned....he lost his balance and hit his little noggin on the floor. Tears and a nap quickly followed...but it didn't slow him down. He's caught on to the sitting up thing pretty well, and he always seems to follow that endeavor with a very happy smile.

With 6 months behind him, Wyatt was due another visit to the doctor. He weighed in at 16.6 lbs, and 26.75"...that is 30th and 60th percentiles respectively. Long and lanky. :) He he had his first taste of turkey and vegetables, and then the next morning we tried bananas. I have to say, he doesn't seem to be embracing baby food. Rice cereal and veggies were going over fairly well, but now he is beginning to resist anything but milk. Hmmm.

Wyatt spent Wednesday afternoon with Aunt Trish and Uncle Richard....who are technically cousins....but closer like aunts and uncles. I think he enjoys his time at their house and his visits with the big pups Cierra and George. George is a Great Dane just a few days older than Wyatt....but MUCH larger than Wyatt THANKFULLY.

That afternoon, I got a call from Wyatt's great grandpops...and mema was not doing well. Thursday morning, Richard and Trish helped get her admitted in the hospital. Gratefully, she is doing much better and may come home in a few more days. She has a long road ahead regaining her strength, but hopefully she will feel much better very soon.

I'll end with the great news that giving up the pacifier is now truly paying off. Wyatt is sleeping generally 10 hours a night now, without nighttime feedings. HOWEVER, the end of his 10 hours is around yes, I'm still sleepy!