Sunday, September 23, 2007

Livin' for the weekend....

This weekend was Wyatt's first time on a bike ride since I returned to work THREE months ago. He rode with me on Saturday, and on Sunday Papa Dap took his first big ride with the smallest Parrish. We intended to ride together on Sunday....but ran into complications when I couldn't find the right shoes with the right cleats to fit the pedals for the bike that doesn't pull the "chariot". Should it be so complicated??

Regardless, it was very nice for all of us to get outside. I stopped with him Saturday to sit on a park bench looking over the Trinity River at an isolated part of the trail. Surrounded by big trees and the sounds of birds and locusts....little Wyatt was trying hard to be attentive to everything, and doing so with a sweet little boy smile on his face. It was great sitting in the shade with a nice breeze, and for some most fortunate mosquitoes.

Cici and Grandpa Bob returned home from vacationing in Sanibel Island, Florida. They came bearing gifts...Wyatt scored a great new cap that looks quite dashing on him, when it doesn't fall over his eyes. It is nice to have them home...and we are all hoping Cici's treacherous knee feels better soon!

This evening, there is a Cowboy game...very noisy downstairs and, despite some apparently very bad calls, I think they are holding their own. Grandma and Grandpa Parrish were here in time for the game...and a little look outside around the house with Wyatt before dinner and bath time. Wyatt was so tired, and I'm afraid to say a little grumpy. I almost forgot to mention that the little fellow has been without a pacifier for 4 nights now. He is breaking my heart as he cries himself to sleep...but papa strongly believes it is time for him to learn to sooth himself to sleep. I think he is learning, but I'll be glad when he truly gets it.

Last note for tonight, Wyatt is so close to crawling....and he is sitting up like a champ. I know we are on the verge of a huge milestone any day now. Must get video while he is still rocking back and forth! And....must find a new music box to replace the snow globe we played every night at bath time....smash! He moves so quickly now, and when he decides to roll over and grab just better be ready!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eating, motorcycle, and the foot

Here's a quick update to show Wyatt's progress on 3 fronts.
First of all, he's become quite adept at eating the carrots (or was it squash?) with his rice cereal. As you can see from the photo, he gets pretty much every last drop into his mouth, or at least somewhat near his mouth.

Wyatt's Grandpa Bob has a new motorcycle and he brought it over to the house to show the little guy. Wyatt's not quite sure what to think of it now, but one day I'm sure he'll be anxious to go for a ride... although I'm sure some other members of the family won't be quite so anxious!

And lately Wyatt has found that his left foot will indeed reach all the way into his mouth. About the only thing that can distract him from that foot is the camera, which he seems almost as fascinated with as he is with keyboards and remote controls.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Last Sunday was Wyatt's 5 month birthday, and we celebrated with strained squash. No cake yet for the little guy, which is truly unfortunate for he didn't seem real keen on the squash. This week he is on to carrots...and I still think he is holding out for the cheeseburgers before he shows signs of delight. Mostly he is trudging through rice cereal and orange paste, waiting on the delicious and refreshing bottle that quickly follows.

I weighed him on Friday over at my grandparents house. He seems like a ton, but he has only gained 2 lbs since his last doctor visit last month. Today he practiced sitting up...and we've been watching with anticipation for "the force to be with him" as he aspires to move in the general direction of his toys. As for now, he can spin, roll over and when he tries really hard...move backwards, and usually backs himself under furniture. He pretty much thinks its old hat picking up his pacifier and moving it to his mouth these days. Now we just wish he could find it when he wakes up at night in his crib. Last few days have been hard ones. We don't know what is going on with him....but he is waking up more now than ever it seems. I'm so tired, I'll make a mistake once and while trying to undo it, do it again.

One last note those of you who know David will appreciate...Wyatt experienced his first football game this weekend. Mostly the experience was in trying to understand why Daddy was SCREAMING all of a sudden!! The Aggies beat some other team in triple overtime. I tried to tell him it was alright, and that "yes indeed your father is crazy." He'll soon think its normal I'm sure, but this weekend his eyes were wide with concern.

Cowboys are playing now, and while it is reasonably quiet up here...I am going to take advantage of an early night of rest. Night night termites!

P.S. Happy first Grandparents Day to all six of Wyatt's first time grandparents, and to Mema & Pops, his first time great grandparents! Cici says everyday is a celebration with him. I agree!