Friday, March 28, 2008

Hippity Hoppity

Hippity Hop and wobble walks...little guy Wy is off and running. We've been watching him go from taking a few steps to really getting his confidence to march right across the room. I'm torn as to say which is more delightful for us: watching him walk or seeing the thrill shine through his eyes at his new accomplishments! Good for the heart watching him lift his hands for you as he targets in for landing. I catch myself holding my breath when I set him down on his feet...wondering if he will bobble over or wobble away. He loves to hang on to your finger and march around. I'd say he must be growing and teething and changing every day. The boy can put away food by the fist-fulls. He is loving avocados, which I'm considering a personal accomplishment as I've yet to meet a Parrish who eats the tasty fruit! Just yesterday I started feeding him fresh mandarin oranges....he'll eat the whole thing. Apples and bananas, cheese and chicken or turkey....loves bran pancakes and yogurt. Very liberating to put a plate of food in front of him and be able to wash the dishes or sit down and eat beside him. He is sleeping a lot right now, and a little grumpy in short bursts. If you look closely, you can see two more teeth coming on top and one on bottom.

This past week Wyatt started breathing treatments and another round of antibiotics for an ear infection. He has a loud rattle in his chest, and I am afraid he may have inherited my tendency for asthma and allergies. His Gramps came over and stayed with him for most of two days so he could take his treatments every 4 hours. So wonderful to have so many loving grandparents!

Next week is a big week for him, as he officially moves to the toddler room at daycare and he celebrates his very first birthday. We are giving him a wagon. He loves the one at school, though it seems his favorite thing is to push other kids around in it. Maybe Gracie and Rustin will be up for a ride?

As you can see, we had a very nice Easter gathering. Wyatt is pretty handsome in his Easter outfit that Mimi picked out for him! Cici and Grandpa Bob had just returned from Hawaii, but managed to still cook a very tasty ham. We had sandwiches and carrot salad...Wyatt really liked the ham and the hopping Easter chick in his bunny basket. Mema is still in the rehabilitation hospital, so we missed her. Pops came a little late, and unfortunately didn't get in any of our photos.

Wyatt stayed a few days last week with Grandma and Grandpa Parrish, and I'm afraid they too are sick again. David is as well, so I'm counting my blessings that it hasn't hit me yet. David goes out of town tomorrow for a business trip, and will be back Tuesday night. Hopefully he feels better for the trip...and for all the fun next week. More adventures to come!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cici Celebration + Ducks n Dirt

A celebration of Cici is truly deserving of more than she was given today, but as the last few weeks have been unusually busy...we did the best we could! Aunt Louise joined us for Thai food and back at the house we savored the last delicious morsel of bread pudding created for us by the wonderful Fletchers...they have restaurants in Terrell and Tyler that are really quite delicious! If you note in the photo, Mom's plate is a special birthday plate made for her by our dear friend Bettye. Nice to have a such good friends around putting special touches on a special day. Wyatt seems very interested in both the plate and the well as whatever he can do to get down and start investigating more stuff!

Wyatt did great at the restaurant, but back at the house he and David took in a power nap to recharge. Very effective in preventing afternoon grumpiness in the both of them.

David and Grandpa Bob took Wyatt to the park this afternoon as well. I hear Wyatt figured out how to get up the steps to the slide and had a fantastic time sliding down all by himself. David said he'd go down, and couldn't wait to get up to do it again. Look forward to seeing for myself soon!

Back at the house, we sat outside for a bit to entertain our tired boy. He enjoyed his new duck basket and bunny that were given to him by Mimi and Gramps...getting ready for the big egg hunt! I can't believe how early it will be this year, just two weekends away.

When all the clean fun became a bore, we moved down for a good taste of dirt...literally. Wyatt likes to get his hands in the soil, and loves the taste and texture of a good rock. Maybe we'll share that appreciation of dirt! Sure seemed to make Daddy uneasy. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

March already???

February escaped us. Honestly, we have been sick throughout February...and ended with a bang last week when we all got stomach viruses. We did have one very nice weekend in February in between the worst of congested heads and bronchitis...spending a great time in Pflugerville with Ron, Traci & Alexander, Anthony, Jennifer, Anna & Colin, and Shelly, John and Sarah. It was first off great to be with our friends out of our house and routine, and secondly amazing to watch our smaller family members meet each other and become fast friends themselves. Wish I had captured everyone in a single photo...but at least I have a few to share from that day. We enjoyed some tasty barbeque from Rudy's, and some amazing vegetables from the Martin garden, and dear Shelly created a delicious chocolate cake and some beautiful valentine cookies for us. I love our friends!

March 2nd we barely recovered enough to host a sweet celebration for Richard and Trish and their impending arrival of precious baby girl Callie. It was so nice to see our extended family, many had not yet met Wyatt, and wonderful to celebrate Trish and Richard. The day offered an ideal time for them to let Mema Bass know that her 2nd great grandchild in just over a year would carry on her middle name, Marie. As far as I could tell through my watery eyes...there were tears all around. Mema and Pops both had not been feeling well, and truly just barely made it to the party. I knew it was a precious day, and we tried real hard to encourage her to attend...and I'm so grateful she was able. I am sad to report that yesterday she suffered what appears to be a mild stroke, and fell and broke her wrist. She is in ICU and doing as well as can be expected for now. Please keep her and Pops in your thoughts and prayers.