Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not exactly what he'd call fun times!

Ah well, we tried to get Wyatt to warm up to old St. Nick. I gave him a cheerio, which you can see if you look carefully, and David placed him on the red suited stranger's lap in what must have seemed like a horrible moment of betrayal. Fortunately, Cici and Grandpa Bob were there to help him promptly take his mind off his troubles.

Wyatt spent the last two nights with his Mimi, celebrating her Veteran's day off and a fun day out of daycare for him. He got new batman slippers that he actually does wear, which is remarkable to me. Seems they enjoyed a really nice time together, as Mimi goes on and on about what a good baby he is. I heard him say "Mimi" often this evening!

He has really done well picking up words. He tells me now when he wants water or milk, and if you listen carefully you might figure out that he wants Cheerios. He can say "home" and "daddy" and "mama", though lately he has been taunting David by only saying "MAMA" and pointing to me. He is good with bye-bye and hi, makes real good pig and horse noises, and keeps a pretty good tune to the ABC song. The boy loves books and music. Tonight I saw him get off a tricycle to grab a favorite book. He knows where the button is to the cd player in his room that plays his inevitably if left alone for a moment we will soon hear his songs playing. If you peek in to see, you'll find him bouncing up and down and smiling like he just figured out the world's biggest mystery. I'm working behind the scenes to influence his music, and you know what else? My fella LOVES broccoli. Warms my heart.

Sunday, November 2, 2008