Thursday, August 30, 2007

Papa's last day at home

For the first 12 weeks of Wyatt's life, DeeDra was home with him all day every day. She was very sad to go back to work, but fortunately Papa Dap and the grandparents were able to take over caring for the little guy. Since DeeDra went back to work, we've been splitting home time with Wyatt between me and primarily my mom. During much of the summer, DeeDra works 4 day weeks, so my mom covered Monday and Tuesday, and Papa Dap stayed home with Wyatt on Wednesday and Thursday. Today is the last of my weekdays at home with the little guy, since my vacation time is now exhausted. When DeeDra went back to the full 5 day work weeks, her mom stepped in to take over the Friday duties with Wyatt. It truly is incredible how fortunate Wyatt has been to have so much of his family so willing and able to spend so much time with him. Everyone has chipped in, and yesterday DeeDra's dad came over to spend the afternoon with Wyatt while I attended some important meetings at the office.

It's been amazing to spend this time with Wyatt as he's changed quickly from an infant to a near-crawling 5 month old. Like DeeDra, I'll be sad when this phase of the adventure with him is done, but I know there will be many more to come. I'm just thankful that I've had this rare opportunity as a father to watch and interact as my son has gone from a 3 month old to a 5 month old. He wakes up every morning with a smile on his face ready to face the day, and there's nothing quite like it to see a little piece of me and a little piece of DeeDra in those eyes of his.

We had planned to put Wyatt in daycare starting next week, but it looks like once again his grandparents are sacrificing their time to keep him with family as long as possible. My mom and DeeDra's mom will alternate each week, with one taking care of him for 3 days a week and the other for 2. The plan is to continue this process until the middle of December when DeeDra's time off starts. This will delay the daycare step until the first of 2008, when Wyatt will be 9 months old, and I'm quite sure walking, talking, and doing algebra (trig and calculus will come after the first birthday).

My days with Wyatt started out with the finger-nail-cutting accident, but since then things have gone pretty smoothly. Of course, there have been some sleepless nights, some cranky days, and one SERIOUS poop and pee incident, but all in all it's been a great experience. Just as Wyatt's learning daily about the world around him and how he can interact with it, I'm learning about how to be a dad. It's not easy, and I've got TONS to learn, but every time I look at him I can't hide how proud I am of the little miracle that DeeDra and I have produced.

So with that, I'll leave you with a few of the many faces of Wyatt.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Closing in on a month!

Where to start when I haven't written in a month?

David returned home Friday night after spending a week in San Diego at Siggraph convention. We missed him dearly, but had incredible backup care from Grandma Parrish and Cici Smith, who both took turns spending the night with us while Papa was away. Even Aunt Trish came over to help out one afternoon. What would we do without them??

Saturday was full of important introductions for Wyatt. My girlfriends Anita, Jen and Stephanie hosted a very sweet gathering for me and Wyatt. Wyatt got to meet some of my lovely girlfriends...and well...he loves the girls...and yeah, the girls love him. Much enjoyment was had by all. I'll be taking sweet smelling baths for ATLEAST the next year after that party, thank you very much! Wyatt was most fortunate as well, receiving toys, clothes, bibs, books and a beautiful handmade quilt. Would be lost without these incredible friends too...

As Wyatt and I pulled into the driveway, we spotted more dear friends. Anthony, Jennifer and young Anna and Colin Martin came to visit us for the weekend. They are our friends from Pflugerville....and such great friends they are. David may have known them first, but now...they are MY friends. My kinda people, those Martins...and David is the dear odd one who brought us together. Anna seemed quite delighted to meet Wyatt...and Colin, he was much more interested in all of the webworms. I think he found a home for all of them. Anna blew Wyatt his first bubbles ever, and she also helped me with his bath one evening while everyone went out to get Curly's frozen custard. We had such a nice time with them...and look forward to their next visit.

And finally, I have to announce that Monday night was Wyatt's first taste of rice cereal. With cries between every bite, he seemed to be disenchanted with the empty spoon that kept disappearing from his unsatisfied mouth. I do believe he is catching on after a few feedings and we are hoping that all those other moms are correct in the prediction that he will begin sleeping through the night. Please...oh please....

The time between blogs is flying by, and yet everyday is too amazing to convey. Wyatt is so close to crawling, and rolling over and over and over...and sometimes off! He negotiates his way around on his belly...mostly in circles, while eyeing a colorful bling just out of his reach. He has discovered his inner shriek...and is one with it. It is hard to believe he is our little boy!