Saturday, January 26, 2008

The longest month

Is it still January??? A week now after our anniversary getaway, I have a quiet moment to write a few notes about the past 2 weeks. Wyatt had a very fine time with his Grandma and Grandpa Parrish over his 3 day stay in Garland. Sounds like the last day or so he got a little fussy, and I'm guessing part of the problem was related to that 4th tooth that popped through this past week. We called to check in everyday while we were gone, and every conversation with Grandpa Allen had me convinced he was having the time of his life! I'm not sure which of them was having more fun, but I DO know which two grandparents were worn out after 3 long days! I think they were ready for a vacation of their own after that duty.

David and I had such a wonderful time on our trip. It was so nice to get away and see other friends on an extended visit. We really enjoyed seeing Tim and Valerie, along with their amazing young ones, Charlie and Piper. We had a wonderful dinner and breakfast with them...and got a good peek at what Wyatt will be doing in about 3 months from observing Piper. Also got a quick tour of David's old haunts around the architecture building at A&M.

The next day we were off to the Inn Above Onion Creek, which is also just a splendid place to be with people you enjoy. Anthony and Jennifer were only able to stay one night with us, but we truly enjoyed their company and their thoughtfulness. They brought a stellar selection of wine AND homemade fudge. Tell me these are not my people?? Traci and Ron were able to stay both nights, and we spent a wonderful late afternoon and evening playing games...Goblit (sp?), Othello...and yes, we taught Traci Texas Hold 'em...and yes, she promptly turned the tables to beat us all. I'm hoping Anthony and Jennifer will send us photos of the group of us on that first night. Maybe I can post here later?

We returned home last Tuesday, Wyatt and the grandparents were here at home waiting to see us! It was so nice to hold him in my arms again. I was darn ready to see him by Tuesday afternoon. We weren't the only ones anxious to see him, as Cici and Grandpa Bob weren't far behind us. Wyatt was showing us his progress standing and hanging on to Grandpa B's finger...and he finally let go and took maybe 2 steps. We heard the next day he did it again at daycare. Always amazed to see his control grow stronger.

He has had a tough end of the week, and today I'd say he is definitely sick AGAIN...along with David AGAIN. Poor guys. Tonight we hosted a surprise dinner for my dad, Gramps to Wyatt, for his 60th birthday. He and Mimi Evelyn arrived around 3pm to visit with us, and about 4 pm we had half a dozen good friends of Dad's show up on the front porch. He chortled with surprise at such a fuss. It was fun to surprise him, and nice to see the friends I hear so much about through the years. Happy birthday Gramps!

AND, by the way, Happy Anniversary David. It has been a wonderful 2 years...and I was so happy to celebrate it with you on those steps again this year!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big Sighs and the Amazing Baby

I know it has been too long, and honestly I think everyday about what I'd be typing and what I want to remember about each moment. Wyatt is changing all the time. He has sprouted a new tooth on top...with another quickly following. We see him more and more let go of things and stand suspended by imaginary strings for a moment...until he realizes and plops to the floor. His strength is amazing....trying to get his mind off what he wants to do instead of having new diapers or clothes is really a test of will. I often wonder who will win...and I'm thinking my days are numbered. Last night, Cici picked him up from daycare and Mema & Pops came by after a doctor's appointment. They laughed at him and with him, and it is truly wonderful to stand back and watch everyone's face light up while hanging on to his every expression. I laughed so hard I could barely breathe as he laid across my arms and blew bubbles into the inside of my arm. He kept moving his mouth around as if to find the perfect spot he could gain the best effect. David assures me this is the start of boy humor...something I have much to learn about!

And yes, he did start daycare two weeks ago today. He has been struggling like a champ through his first cold for almost all of those two weeks, and last weekend had a stomach virus that made both of us lose appetites for a while...and turns out Grandma Lucille shared this one with us as well. He is finally getting close to his normal diet again, thankfully. (Did I mention earlier that David had the flu all weekend before New Year's Eve?) Anyway, daycare is going fairly well. Wyatt seems to like his teachers, though he does cry when we start to leave. I've been trying to spend time with him there in the mornings before I go to work...easing him into his day. They've told us he does really well on his own and when he does get tired or frustrated, he tends to crawl across the room to his crib essentially insisting on his nap.

Wyatt is also becoming quite adept at finger foods. I hear today he ate a whole banana...which is really hard for me to imagine! He likes little bites of soft cheese, avocado, puffs...cereal bites for babies, and bites of bread or crackers. He has also finally made the transition to formula, which seems to be working out fine for him.

I can't help but laugh out loud when he starts opening and closing his mouth, making a smacking click with his tongue. I think he is imitating my gum chewing habit...and making me realize I must be terribly rude! We had his 9 month check up last Friday, and found he still hasn't crossed the 18lb mark....but he is close. He was in the 10 percentile range in weight, 20 in length, and 60 in head width. Music...he loves it, and shrieks with glee while bouncing up and down to the beat. Those Einstein books are a hit with him...each page has a little song you play along with the story. We watch him figure out how to handle his toys better all the time...many of them also make music when he pulls the right door or knobs. I saw him pick up a peek-a-block the other night and almost put it in the square opening, which makes "Old McDonald" song play.

So the new year has been wonderful, even with all of the sickness. We did spend New Year's day together, with a quick trip to the park in the brisk air. Wanted to start it out right, enjoying each other and our dearly adored boy. This weekend we will go on our first trip away from him to celebrate our 2 year anniversary at the inn where we married. Our dear friends Anthony & Jennifer and Traci & Ron are going to make it extra special by joining us there. We are also making a quick stop through College Station to spend the night with good friends Tim & Valerie...who just moved back to Texas to head up the Visualization Sciences department. I am having some anxieties already about leaving Wyatt, but I know he will be adored every moment by his Grandma Lucille and Grandpa Parrish! Wish us peaceful hearts please!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Friends from near and far

Our dear friend Monica, who lives in NY, and her mom, Natalie, who lives in Houston, were persuaded to make the long drive up from Houston to stay a night with us and catch up on the day after Christmas. I am ashamed to say I got so caught up in the catching up, that I did not get a photo of them on this visit. Looking back, I found a photo of Monica's first meeting with Wyatt, long before we began the blog. She came when he was really small, along with her fella Gary....who coincidentally gave her a very shiny ring for Christmas. Most happy for them!!

The following afternoon, Debbie, from neighboring town of Irving, came to visit with her two little monkeys....Kyler and Kyra. Kyler is a pretty good little buddy of mine, and Kyra....well, she gave Wyatt his first kiss. She kissed the boy, and made him cry! I thought the rhyme was a little different...but this is how our story went. I don't get to see the Mckay's often enough, even though they are close by, so this too was a real treat. Deb, Monica and I went to college together, in case you are curious about the connection. I do have a few photos of Kyler, Kyra, Debbie and Wyatt....some are quite amusing....but so it goes with the MONKEYS.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Day...adventure continues!

We made it home safe Christmas Eve, managed to give Wyatt a quick bath between his sleepy eyed blinks, stockings were hung, no creatures were stirring, and we all were in bed just a fast as any gingerbread man! (I'll get my stories straight with patient.)

Christmas morning finally arrived, and we started the day with Aunt Jennifer, Cici and Grandpa Bob. Wyatt, of course, was delighted with his early visitors, and the special gifts that came with them. Side note to this is, Cici told me a long time ago that she was not going to buy him a lot of toys....and well, SHE didn't. Grandpa Bob, however, had a wonderful time finding really special gifts for Wyatt to enjoy. The clincher to this was the hand made Grandpa Bob original....which was a piece of wood with many of Wyatt's favorite things. It included a door stop, a hinge with thin ropes and knots to chew on, holes for his fingers to explore, and a cabinet handle that he loves to pull on before biting. Funny to look at, but the little boy loved it! Very sweet of Grandpa Bob to be so thoughtful about his curiosities!

After nap time, Wyatt was excited to find another set of dear grandparents had arrived to greet him. Gramps and Mimi Dedman joined us this year for what we hope will be the beginning of a new tradition....having Christmas with all of the grandparents together. By this time I'd say Wyatt was beginning to get this paper tearing process down, although still intrigued by the paper before realizing the gift received. He enjoyed his new books with music, and his dog Blue....along with the sweet Christmas book he had received from them a week earlier in preparation for the big day.

Grandma and Grandpa Parrish soon arrived, and while we all gathered to share a Christmas feast...Wyatt took another nap and again awoke very happy to see everyone. We managed to get a rare photo of the 3 sets of grandparents and his great-grandparents. I'm not sure if we've had them all together since his it was an important moment to capture for me. Think any of them are proud??

Later in the afternoon, we were happy to see Richard and Trish arrive. They are working on making Wyatt a sweet little girl cousin to play with next Christmas....very excited to meet her! I'm sure she'll give Wyatt a run in her days ahead! The day was full, as you can see...and Wyatt was really a trooper through it all. He held out until the end, when he had his bath and bedtime...thumb in the mouth, eyes could hardly stay open, and full of all the love shared with him throughout the day. We are so grateful for our family.